Federal regulations require chemical manufacturers to provide specific safety information on their chemical products to anyone who purchases them. This information is communicated through a standardized information sheet(s) called a Material Safety Data Sheet, otherwise known as an MSDS. MSDS’s may vary in appearance depending upon the manufacturer, however, all must contain the following information:

chemical identity

chemical ingredient(s)

physical data (i.e. odor, appearance, boiling point etc.)

known health effects and information

exposure limits


precautionary measures

emergency and first aid procedures

name of the company who prepared the MSDS

MSDS’s are a valuable source of information to personnel working with hazardous chemicals. MSDS’s should be reviewed prior to working with the chemical(s) for the first time and periodically as needs dictate. The optimal location for any MSDS is in a binder or file within the department or laboratory and immediately accessible to all personnel. MSDS's in laboratories must be visible or the storage locations must be clearly marked.

Copies of MSDS’s for all hazardous chemicals in use are kept in the: 

Central Stockroom Griffith Building Room #B10
USP Web-based MSDS Program    

More in-depth information on MSDS's can be found in the Laboratory Safety Manual.

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