To define the responsibilities and authorities of the Safety Committee.

Policy: University of the Sciences' Safety Committee has authority to take whatever action necessary to help ensure a reasonable, safe environment for students, faculty, staff and visitors.  Safety committee members have the authority to correct or order the correction of any safety hazards observed by them or reported to them.


The Safety Committee will meet monthly and minutes of each meeting shall be recorded and distributed. Safety Committee minutes are the official documentation of safety committee reporting mechanisms.

Membership includes;  Environmental Health and Radiation Safety, Public Safety, Facilities Services, Human Resources, Risk Management, Residence Life, Chemistry, Biology and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Director of Environmental Health & Radiation Safety - Chair

Safety Committee functions:

1. Review written safety programs and procedures, evaluate the effectiveness of these procedures, and recommend changes where required.

2. Committee members shall work together to develop and implement safety rules and practices, and to perform building inspections to identify and facilitate the correction of safety hazards.

3. Serve as the information sharing forum for important safety-related issues. Members should also inform their respective departments of implemented programs and procedures.

4. Report unsafe conditions and practices to the appropriate department for repair or remediation; review, investigate and follow-up on occupational injuries and illnesses; contribute ideas and suggestions for improvement of safety; and serve as a safety liaison for the campus community to help address or direct safety questions and concerns appropriately.


An effective Safety Program is mandated by Federal, State, and local Regulations.   The effectiveness of a safety program is dependent upon institutional acceptance of responsibility, and upon support for necessary actions.  An active, effective Safety Committee is one component of an effective program and is the mechanism chosen by the University of the Sciences to provide an environment that has a risk level that is as low as reasonably achievable. 

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