Emergency Telephone:


Radio/telephone link with Public Safety Officers on campus patrol.  In service twenty-four hours a day.

When X7000 is dialed, the officer will answer:  "Security, go ahead with your message".  You will then be able to advise the officer of your need and receive an immediate reply.

Remember that while you are using a telephone, which means you can "talk and listen" simultaneously, the officer will be using a radio.  The officer cannot "talk and listen", so make sure the officer's sentence has been completed before you respond.  The officer must release the "push to talk" button before you can be heard.  Your conversation will be monitored by all officers who have a radio.   This allows all officers on duty to be aware of emergency situations.

Yellow emergency telephone boxes:

To contact a Public Safety Officer, press the button on the top front of the unit;  this will automatically dial X7000.  Remember the officer cannot "talk and listen";  let the officer finish talking before you speak.  Advise the officer of your location and problem.


Public Safety Office - 4500 Woodland Avenue, Room #105

Locations of emergency telephone boxes:

(1)    Archway between Whitecar and McNeil
(2)    42nd Street side of Pharmacology/Toxicology Building
(3)    Griffith Hall rear, mounted on the wall at the steps
(4)    Griffith Hall, rear west side
(5)    Outside Gate, 43rd and Woodland Avenue
(6)    Crosswalk between Wilson and Goodman
(7)    Osol Hall, rear lot
(8)    Athletic Field, by tennis court

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