POSTING AND LABELING                                  

Posting Requirements:

Rooms approved for the use or storage of radioactive material must be posted with a "Caution Radioactive Materials," sign.
Areas where radioactive material is used or stored or a central bulletin board shall be conspicuously posted with a PaDEP form, "Notice to Employees."

Labeling Requirements:

Radioactive Material Work Stations

Radioactive material work stations must be labeled for radioactive use.   Radioactive material labeled tape should be used to label the area.  Tape is available in the Stockrooms.
Individuals working at a labeled work station must wear protective clothing (e.g., lab coat and gloves).
Surfaces and pieces of equipment located within a labeled work area should be considered contaminated until an appropriate survey of the area determines otherwise.


Individual containers of radioactive material must be labeled if left unattended with "CAUTION RADIOACTIVE MATERIALS." 
Radioactive waste must be in labeled containers that have a "CAUTION RADIOACTIVE MATERIALS" label or tag attached and that indicate the isotope(s) contained in the waste.
Liquid waste should also indicate the approximate activities and other constituents in the waste.
View procedures for the Disposal of Radioactive Waste for additional information.

The following equipment must be labeled with "CAUTION RADIOACTIVE MATERIALS".

"Hot sinks."
Fume hoods, refrigerators, cabinets, etc. used to store radioactive material.
Centrifuges, pipettes, water baths, etc., that are used for radioactive material work must be labeled if contaminated or if outside of a labeled work station.

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