It is required that the University of the Sciences maintain an up-to-date inventory of all radioactive materials to ensure that possession limits are not exceeded and to ensure accountability of all radioactive material sources/materials.


Each authorized user will submit approximately during the months of June and December, an inventory of all radioactive materials present in his/her laboratory area(s). This inventory must account for all materials in storage; all materials presently in samples or vials; all materials in waste receptacles that have not been transferred to the storage area and all sealed sources (calibration standards, etc.). The Radiation Safety Officer will compile all of the inventories and make sure that the University is in compliance with the NRC/PaDEP license conditions.


The Radiation Safety Officer or his/her designee will complete the inventory for the central radioactive waste storage areas. In addition, the Radiation Safety Officer will submit the quarterly radioactive waste management report to the Department of Environmental Protection. (PaDEP)

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