Authorization to Use Radioactive Materials

An authorized user is a person whose training and experience have been reviewed and approved by the Pa. Department of Environmental Protection Bureau of Radiation Protection. The authorized user is named on the license and uses or supervises the use of licensed radioactive material.

The authorized user's primary responsibility is to ensure that radioactive materials used in his or her particular laboratory or area are used safely and according to regulatory requirements. View training requirements for authorized users.

An authorized user has the responsibility to be available to staff and students when work with radioactive materials is taking place in their laboratories. If that is not possible, another authorized user should be given this responsibility.

To become an authorized user on our radioactive materials license, submit in writing:

Training and experience provided should be relative to the licensed material being requested on the license. It is recommended to not submit extraneous information, such as unrelated lists of publications, research grants, committee and society memberships, etc.

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