Controlled substances are chemical products which have the potential for misuse as illegal drugs or as key ingredients in the manufacture of such materials.  The United States Department of Justice Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) regulates the purchase and use of these products for research purposes.

All orders of controlled substances for research purposes must be processed through the Griffith Hall Central Stockroom.  A DEA Form #222 will be filled out with our current DEA registration number.

Orders must be delivered directly to the Griffith Hall or McNeil Science & Technology Center Central Stockrooms where they will then be transferred to the Vivarium and placed in a secured safe.  (3rd Floor - Pharmacology/Toxicology Building)

The Central Stockroom Manager or the Director of Environmental Health & Radiation Safety must also be notified in advance of any transfers or donations of controlled substances.

All controlled substances must be logged-in by the Vivarium Supervisor.  If the Vivarium Supervisor cannot be reached, the Chair of the Pharmaceutical Sciences Department or the Director of Environmental Health and Radiation Safety may log-in the controlled substances.

The disposal of expired controlled substances must be conducted by a reverse distributor registered by the DEA. Therefore, contact the Vivarium Supervisor or the Director of Environmental Health and Radiation Safety when the drug has expired or is no longer needed.

[We are not currently registered to conduct research with Schedule I substances].

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