1.  Purpose of the Plan

2.  General Program Management
        a.  Responsible Persons
        b.  Availability to Employees
        c.  Review and Update

3.  Exposure Determination
        a.  Job Classifications
        b.  Work Activities

4.  Methods of Compliance
        a.  Standard Precautions
        b.  Engineering Controls
        c.  Work Practice Controls
        d.  Personal Protective Equipment
        e.  Housekeeping

5. Hepatitis B Vaccination, Post Exposure Evaluation and Follow-up
      a.  Vaccination Program
      b.  Post-Exposure Evaluation and Follow-up
      c.  Information Provided to the Healthcare Professional
      d.  Healthcare Professional's Written Opinion
      e.  Medical Recordkeeping

6. Labels and Signs

7. Information and Training
        a.  Training Topics
        b.  Training Methods
        c.  Recordkeeping

8. Laboratories Working with HIV and Hepatitis Viruses

9. Hepatitis B Vaccination Form

10.Examples of Safe Needle Devices

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