1.    General Information
2.    Training Topics
3.    Training Methods
4.    Recordkeeping


Having well-informed and educated employees is extremely important when attempting to eliminate or minimize our employee's exposure to bloodborne pathogens.  Because of this, all employees who have the potential for exposure to bloodborne pathogens are put through a training program and are furnished with as much information as possible on this issue.

This program was set up so that employees would receive the required training.   Employees will be re-trained as required by OSHA to keep their knowledge current.   Additionally, all new employees, as well as employees changing jobs or job functions, will be given any additional training their new position requires.  Documentation of training is maintained in the EHRS Department.


The topics in our training program include, but are not limited to the following:


Our facilities training presentations make use of several training techniques including but not limited to the following:


To facilitate the training of our employees, as well as to document the training process, we maintain training records containing the following information:

These training records are available for examination and copying to our employees, and their representatives, as well as OSHA and its representatives.

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