1.    Responsible Persons
2.    Availability of the Exposure Control Plan to Employees
3.    Review and Update of the Plan


There are four major "Categories of Responsibility" that are central to the effective implementation of our Exposure Control Plan.  These are:

The following sections define the roles played by each of these groups in carrying out the plan.  (Throughout this written plan, employees with specific responsibilities are identified.  If, because of promotion or other reasons, a new employee is assigned any of these responsibilities, the Environmental Health and Safety Officer is to be notified of the change so that records may be updated).

Director of Environmental Health and Radiation Safety:

The "Director of Environmental Health and Radiation Safety" will be responsible for overall management and support of our facility's Bloodborne Pathogens Compliance Program.   Activities which are delegated to the Director of Environmental Health and Radiation Safety include but are not limited to:

We have determined that the Director will require assistance on fulfilling these responsibilities.  To assist her in carrying out her duties, the EHRS Staff and the Safety Committee are available.

Laboratory Supervisors and Departmental Supervisors:

Laboratory Supervisors/Principal Investigators and Departmental Supervisors/Managers are responsible for exposure control in their respective areas.  They work with our employees to ensure that proper exposure control procedures are followed. They may consult with the Director of Environmental Health and Radiation Safety for assistance.

Supervisors are also responsible for ensuring their staff is provided proper area-specific information and training on the Bloodborne Pathogens Program, identifying and establishing safe work practices, ensuring the availability and use of proper engineering controls and personal protective equipment (PPE) and updating their specific standard operating procedures (SOPs) or mini-exposure control plan.

Facilities Services' staff or each lab group is responsible for cleaning minor Bloodborne Pathogen spills. However, no one may clean a minor spill without proper training from their Supervisor. Contact EHRS for assistance when needed.

Education/Training Coordinator:

Our Education/Training Coordinator will be responsible for ensuring that information and training is available to all employees who have the potential for exposure to bloodborne pathogens.   Activities falling under the direction of the Coordinator include:

The Director of Environmental Health and Radiation Safety, with administrative support, is the facility's Education/Training Coordinator.


As with all of our facility's activities, our employees have the most important role in our bloodborne pathogens compliance program, for the ultimate execution of much of our Exposure Control Plan rests in their hands.  In this role, they must do things such as:


To help them with their efforts, our facility's Exposure Control Plan is available to our employees at any time.  Employees are advised of this availability during their education/training sessions.  Copies of the Exposure Control Plan are kept in the following locations:

EHRS Department McNeil STC Building Room #221
EHRS Web Site


We recognize that it is important to keep our Exposure Control Plan up-to-date.   To ensure this, the plan will be reviewed and updated as required by OSHA.  For example:

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