The necessity for establishing policies and procedures for proper identification of hazardous biological agents within the University's laboratories is to alert support and emergency personnel who may enter the area to take precautionary measures and to restrict traffic to potentially hazardous areas.

Biohazard Warning Sign

To ensure proper identification, a standardized, easily recognized sign is required.

  1. All areas and laboratories that contain biohazardous agents, must be posted with the biohazard warning sign. The background must be red/orange in color with a black universal biohazard symbol and black lettering.
  2. All equipment (centrifuges, water baths, cryogenic freezers, incubators, etc.) that come in contact with biohazardous materials must be labeled with the universal biohazard symbol.


    Before research of a biohazardous nature is begun or when it is determined that a biohazard
    exists, requests for biohazard signs must be made to the Central Stockrooms.

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