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Department of Environmental Health and Radiation Safety

It is the policy of the University of the Sciences to provide a safe working environment for its faculty, staff, and students.

Therefore, the Environmental Health and Radiation Safety (EHRS) Department is committed to providing an environment that has a risk level as low as reasonably achievable.

Learn to care about your health and safety. Learn to recognize hazards and how to protect yourself.


Safety Committee Inquiry Mailbox

QuestionDo you have a safety question or concern that you need help with? Let us help address the issue or direct you to the proper person, department or procedure by clicking the above image.


R. Siegel, EHRS Director, Radiation Safety Officer -
Science & Technology Center (STC), Room #221

Roohee Peerzada, Manager Central Scientific Stockroom -
Griffith Hall Building, Room #B10

S. Martin, Hazardous Materials Specialist -
Science & Technology Center (STC), Room #112

A. Montgomery, Administrative Assistant -
Science & Technology Center (STC), Room #223

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