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Procedures: Add/Drop, Audit, Grade Replacement

Audit Procedures

A student may audit a course with the written permission of the appropriate college dean. Students who audit a course do not take examinations and do not receive a grade for the course. The audit symbol “AU” is entered for the registered course on the student’s record. Students cannot convert from audit status , or the reverse, after the designated Drop/Add period.

Pass Fail Option

An instructor may designate an elective course as being available as a pass fail elective for some or all students taking the course.

A student who wishes to take, on a pass fail basis, a course which has been designated as a "pass fail election" must make all necessary arrangements with the instructor prior to the end of the drop/add periodAfter the drop/add period, the election is irrevocable.  A student may make only one pass fail election per semester.  Refer to student handbook for further information. http://www.usciences.edu/studenthandbook

Grade Replacement

First year students repeating a course must submit a Course Repeat Request Form to the Registrar's Office no later than the Course Withdrawal deadline of the term in which the course is being repeated.

Please refer to the student handbook for the full policy. http://catalog.usp.edu

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