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Web Site Maintenance Plan


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Department or Organization:

Person Responsible for Updating Site:


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I have received a copy of the USP Policies and Standards for Creating Web Pages, and agree that all web pages created and submitted for mounting on the USP Web Server will adhere to it.


Individual organizations and departments are responsible for updating the contents of their web pages. All information on the pages and URL links must be verified at least once per year. For webpages which are not ongoing, please provide an "expiration date", on which the page will be removed from the server.

For each file contained in your web page, please provide the following information.

File Name Date Created Page will be updated every (week, month, quarter, year) Page Expires on
(give date)
All links on this page will be verified every (week, month, quarter, year)

If you have questions concerning this policy, or would like to create a Web page, please contact Amy Christopher, Webmaster at 215-596-8730.

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