Presentation Accommodations

Use of Podium

May stand behind a podium to present

  • The presentation should be scheduled in a room where a podium is available and the student is allowed to stand behind the podium. This should not affect the grade.

Extended Time

Extended time for presentation, not to exceed (25%, 50%, 75%, 100%) of the total presentation time.

  • The student would still be required to present in front of their classmates or other audience members, unless the faculty member changes this requirement. It is important to remember the extended time when scheduling the presentations for the other students. The day this student presents there may need to be fewer students presenting.
  • The student should be graded in the same manner as other students. Expectations should not increase because of extended time. Extended time is not an advantage, but an academic adjustment that levels the field for students with disabilities.

Present without audience

Present in front of faculty member only

  • The faculty member should set up a time for the student to present to the faculty member in a private room. The student should have access to the same equipment that other students would have access to in a traditional classroom setting. The student’s grade should not be penalized for any aspects that are related to the approved accommodation.

Grading Standards

Provide written presentation to faculty member to be used to support grading of presentation

  • The faculty member should arrange an appropriate time for the student to give them the presentation.
  • The faculty member should grade the presentation based on the combined caliber of both the verbal and written material.

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