Grading Accommodations

Class Participation

Not penalized for class participation when it impacts final grade

  • When calculating the final grade, the total points available should not include participation points. The student is then provided a grade based on the new formula.

Spelling and Grammar Errors

Not penalized for spelling or grammar errors for graded in-class assignments

  • For graded in-class assignments, students are not to be penalized for spelling or grammar errors. Faculty should mark the errors to allow for the student to learn, but then mark at the top of the assignment “spelling/grammar not counted”.


Not penalized for missed classes due to a documented disability that has received an accommodation.

  • Student must provide medical documentation supporting the missed class(es). All missed assignments or exams must be made up within five business days of returning to school. In addition, the student must provide medical documentation supporting the missed assignment or exam.
  • If a student has missed an assignment or exam, the faculty member may request documentation showing the absence was due to the student’s disability.  
  • The faculty should meet with the student to determine the best way to implement the accommodation. Some faculty have all the students make up exams on a specific day that is convenient, or the faculty and student may set up a mutually agreeable time to make up the exam. The student has at least five days to make up the exam, but this may be extended if mutually agreed to by both parties. For assignments that are simply being turned in, the expectation is five days. The faculty member has a right to extend this time, but should not decrease it. 

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