General Accommodations

Priority seating

  • The student will identify a seat that is best for him/her based on his/her disability.  For the remainder of the semester that student would be allowed to sit in that seat.  The student cannot request additional accommodations without prior approval from both the faculty member and Office of Academic Accommodations.
  • Priority seating includes testing periods.

Priority scheduling

  • Priority scheduling will allow the student to register prior to other students. Please meet with the Office of Academic Accommodations Coordinator at least 10 business days prior to the start of registration to ensure this process takes place.
  • Academic advisors should work with the student with this accommodation.  This overrides alpha splits or other predetermined course assignments.  The student may only choose from those courses that are offered and from the times that are offered. The student will also need to meet with the Office of Academic Accommodations Coordinator. The registration process takes longer for these students; therefore, it is recommended that they begin the process early.  If a student misses the priority date, priority scheduling is not guaranteed.
  • This accommodation is not to be used so that the student can take his/her preferred class and/or professor; rather it is to support the needs of the student based on his/her disability.

Communication Signals

Faculty member will identify an appropriate signal that alerts the student to any updates or changes during exams.

  • During a scheduled meeting prior to any exams, the faculty member and student should set up a system to ensure the student receives any written or verbal communications given during an exam. This may include hand signals, special seating or other means of notification.

Use of a note-taker

  • Faculty should identify a student who is academically strong. If you are unfamiliar with the students in your class, ask a colleague who may have had these students.
  • Once a note-taker has been identified, determine where the note-taker should make copies and to whom the copies should be given. The student receiving the accommodation should not be identified to the note-taker; therefore, a neutral individual (potentially the department secretary) should transfer the copies to the student. This should occur within 2 days of the class lecture.
  • The faculty member should email Office of Academic Accommodations the name, email, and phone number of the note-taker. The note-taker will then meet with Office of Academic Accommodations and participate in a training seminar.
  • Note-takers are paid $35.00 per credit at the end of the semester if they fulfill their responsibility.

Use of an audio recorder during classes

  • Use of an audio recorder is not allow during quizzes or exams.
  • Students must provide their own audio recorder and may tape any class activities other than quizzes or exams. Students may not utilize the recordings for any other purpose than studying, and they should not share their recordings with other students.

Presentation Materials

If a faculty member uses overheads or Power Point presentations during the course, these materials will be provided to the student prior to the beginning of class.

  • Faculty and student should meet to discuss the best means of providing the student with the material prior to class. Some faculty leave the class materials with a secretary or bring them to class to be picked up. It is preferable to have the information to the student at least 24 hours prior its usage.

Use of calculator

Use of calculator (the device will be approved prior to usage) to complete mathematic computations

  • Students must provide their own calculator and the faculty member has the right to approve the equipment. Students may use the calculator on any graded and non-graded assignment, exam, or quiz. They should not be penalized for the use of the calculator.

Large Print

Faculty member or lecturer will use large print when writing on the blackboard.

  • Students with this accommodation will need to have any materials written or projected in class in a larger, easy to read print version.

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