Assignment Accommodations

Extra Time


Extended time on presentations, not to exceed (25%, 50%, 75%, 100%) of the total presentation time.

  • The student would still be required to present in front of their classmates or other audience members, unless the faculty member changes this requirement. The only difference is that the student receives extra time.  It is important to remember the extended time when scheduling the presentations for the other students. The day this student presents, there may need to be fewer students presenting.
  • The student should be graded in the same manner as other students. Expectations should not increase because of extended time. Extended time is not an advantage, but an academic adjustment that levels the field for students with disabilities.
Out of Class Assignments

Extended time on graded out-of-class assignments (i.e.; papers, projects), not to exceed (2 days, 5 days, 7 days).

  • The student may submit the assignment up to the extended time period without any grade penalties.  If the extended due date is on a day that the University is closed, the professor may request the assignment be emailed or make alternative arrangements.
  • The revised due date should be determined based on when the rest of the class turned in their assignment.

For assignments that contain complex number sequences, student may receive the assignment in writing from faculty member. This should be done during office hours or after class time.

  • The student should meet with the faculty member to identify what assignments will need to be given to the student in writing. This should occur at least 10 days prior to when the student needs to have the information to begin working on the assignment.
  • The faculty member will write out the assignment.
  • The faculty member and student will meet to review the written material. This is the student’s opportunity to ask any clarifying questions.  The student will take the written material with them.
  • If the student has additional questions, he/she will need to make another appointment with the faculty member.

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