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Students Launch New Campus Newspaper: "The Prescription"
Posted: Thursday, November 18, 2010
Written By:  Holly Dean
Contact:  Brian Kirschner
Contact Email:  b.kirschner@usp.edu
Contact Phone:  215.895.1186

It’s called The Prescription and it’s your dosage of USciences news written by students for students and as it promises by its tagline: “It’s just what the doctor ordered.”

The first issue of USciences’ The Prescription newspaper was published on November 4, 2010, marking a new outlet for students to share what is happening on campus, around the city, and in the world. “We want The Prescription to be a place for students to voice their opinions and concerns about the university and about what is going on around them,” says Editor-in-Chief Meghan Baker HumSci’11. “It is a new platform for student expression.”

The Prescription’s first issue tackled such hot topics as the new branding of the University, public safety on campus, and cyber bullying. “This edition discussed some of the major subjects that we were hearing students talk about around campus,” noted Baker. It also included an editorial piece on direct-to-consumer marketing of pharmaceuticals, an article about the new Four Worlds Bakery, a movie review, and a look at the upcoming winter break, where the consensus among students is that they’ll use the time to catch up on much needed sleep. 

“Planning for The Prescription began back in early spring 2009,” said Miriam Diaz-Gilbert, director of the Writing Center and advisor to The Prescription. “The students took on every aspect of the process: brainstorming, setting goals, establishing a publishing schedule, locating a publisher, acquiring a Mac computer, recruiting editors and writers, and naming the paper. I am their biggest cheerleader and supporter. I am so proud of the editors and writers and their first issue, which will soon be framed and proudly displayed in my office.” 

The premiere issue’s contributors included: Nina Coleman HumSci’13, Leonard Vinciguerra PharmD’14, Helene Vo PharmD’15, Kevin Farrow PharmD’15, Steven Tambon Ph/TX’12, Lindsay Hummel PharmD’15, Sean Swisher PharmD’14, Ann Monaghan PhSci’13, Bridget Frymoyer MB’11, Allison Conte PharmD’14, Stephanie Burke DPT’14, Leeann Tan HumSci’11, Audrey Mazza BI’11, and Jennifer Ding Psy’14. Photography was provided by Sarah Zedar DPT’13, Erich Kurtz BI’11, Courtney Montepara PharmD’15, and Kara Underhill PharmD’14.

“USciences has a strong focus on preparing students for science and health science professions,” said Baker. “But, we also believe that to be successful in those professions, the ultimate goal is to be well-rounded. We hope The Prescription is an opportunity for students to refine their writing skills by working with our editors. We want everyone to know that they can be a writer.”

Scheduled for publication twice a semester, The Prescription encourages the entire USciences community to speak up and send their op-eds, letters, suggestions, and comments for inclusion to the staff via e-mail at theprescription@usp.edu. For future issues, the staff is excited to include more national news, sports, and community events. 

Want to read The Prescription? Copies of the newspaper are located around at the Wilson Student Center and McNeil Science and Technology Center.  You can also view online, by clicking here.

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