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Campus Crime on the Decline; Dining Services Update
Posted: Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Campus Crime on the Decline

University of the Sciences experienced a decrease of over 20 percent in reportable crime within our campus patrol area during the fall term compared to the same period time in 2009. The Department of Public Safety works with local law enforcement agencies to continuously evaluate criminal activity and implement best practices related to crime prevention. The hard work and cooperation of the public safety staff, local law enforcement, the University City District, students, faculty and staff is showing dividends.

“We are continuing to track reportable crimes and have seen a decrease for January 2011 compared to last January,” said Ben Gollotti, chief security officer. “Last spring term, we had a significant increase in reports of unattended property thefts. Several individuals were later identified and arrests were made. With everyone’s assistance, USciences should be able to reduce our number of reported unattended thefts.”

During the fall term the Department provided 294 walking escorts and Penn Transit provided 9,931 shuttle request, both services have a significant impact on reducing campus crime.

As part of the overall campus public safety crime prevention initiative, the Department released a Theft Awareness Poster, completed the installation of the emergency call boxes, installed additional card access readers and is in the process completing an upgrade on the CCTV system.

Although the decrease in reportable crime is great news, the Department of Public Safety needs everyone’s assistance in providing a safe and secure campus. It is important that students, faculty and staff continue to:

  • Use the provided services
    Report suspicious activities
  • Never leave personal property unattended
  • Lock and secure doors and windows
  • Travel in well lit areas
  • Travel in groups
  • Avoid distractions (cell phone, iPods, etc.)

Dining Services Update

Sodexo continues to strive in sharing USciences’ vision for a dynamic, student-centered environment by creating exceptional student experiences. As our partner, they are committed to nurturing an engaging, vibrant and healthy campus community, not just for the students, but also the faculty, staff, and visitors.

Sodexo has identified five key areas that will promote the creation of an exceptional student experience:

  • Student Insights – Powerful research to understand the students needs.
  • Health and Wellness – Nurturing student wellness through healthy food and lifestyle educations.
  • Environmental Focus – A local environment commitment that is global in scope
  • Customer Service – Their team is our team.
  • Culinary Innovation – Delivering outstanding food that is satisfying.

Over the next few months the Office of Business Services will be working directly with Sodexo’s management team to monitor various initiatives and plans that focus on the campus dining experience.

Programs and initiatives implement so far include, but not limited to:

  • Introduction of the $5 Value Meal
    Faculty and Staff Dining Dollar Enrichment Program
  • Monthly meetings with the SGA and RA committees
  • New Dishwasher, china and silverware
  • Starbucks

Fun Food Facts: Since the beginning of the school year over 17,900 slices of pizza have been sold, over 33,000 cookies have been baked, 6,832 bagels have been served, 268 pounds of food donated to Philabundance, and Cookie Dough is the favorite Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor.





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