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Latest edition of Remington: The Science and Practice of Pharmacy Launched
Posted: Thursday, December 13, 2012
Contact:  Brian Kirschner
Contact Email:  b.kirschner@usciences.edu
Contact Phone:  215-895-1186

Recognized as a definitive reference on the science and practice of pharmacy, Remington: The Science and Practice of Pharmacy has been associated with University of the Sciences since its first publication by Professor Joseph Remington in 1886.

Now, in a new and fully revised 22nd edition, Remington has an even more international outlook and an array of new content that makes it an indispensable companion for pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists. The latest edition also makes effective use of online content for drug information.

For over a century, Remington has featured in the training and careers of pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists across the globe, introducing them to the fundamentals of practice, examining the discipline in its social context, mapping developments in pharmaceutical science, and relating it to the practicalities of patient care as well as drug discovery and development.

Faculty and alumni from USciences played in integral role in the content of the 22nd edition. Faculty members  who wrote one or more chapters, included Dr. Ara der Marderosian, Dr. Randy Zauhar, Dr. Pardeep Gupta, Dr. Clyde Ofner, Dr. Jean Scholtz, Dr. Roger Schnaare, Dr. Zhiyu Li, Dr. Laura Mandos, Dr. William McGhan, Dr. Cathy Poon, Dr. Rodney Wigent, and Dr. Adeboye Adejare. Dr. Adejare also served on the editorial board, and was editor for the section on Pharmaceutical Chemistry. The board was chaired by Philadelphia College of Pharmacy Dean Dr. Lisa Lawson.

In addition, graduate students Boyenoh Gaye PhD’13, Jason Wallach PhD’14, and Eleonora Gianti PhD’14, as well as adjuncts Dr. Zeynep Ates-Alagoz, PCP board of visitors chair William M. Ellis, Capt. William A. Hess, Dr. Carlton K. K. Lee, Dr. Suzanne Amato Nesbit, and William J. Reilly, Jr.. also contributed to the book.

The 22nd edition of Remington offers a unique array of content in two volumes, covering pharmaceutical science and pharmaceutical practice. Its value is immense for students and practitioners in all areas of the discipline.

For teaching, Remington covers the entire scope of pharmacy education

  • The history of pharmacy
  • Ethics in pharmacy
  • Particulars of industrial pharmacy and pharmacy practice
  • Use it to inform the development of new research projects and as an entry into new areas of pharmacy

For practice

  • An invaluable resource to verify facts and refresh on basics
  • An authoritative primary source when preparing forensic statements
  • An essential point of reference for drug formulators and research workers

For healthcare

  • A must-have for community pharmacists in retail or hospital environments
  • A reliable source of trusted information for compounding pharmacists
  • A must-have for scientists involved in drug discovery and development

New in this 22nd edition

  • New international focus to reflect the global importance of Remington
  • New chapters on cutting edge topics
  • All existing content revised and updated with all illustrations redrawn and all pictures updated with current images
  • Content reorganized with an expanded practice section, and separate print volumes for easy reference
  • Improved indexing for easier access to the information 
  • Selected content from Martindale included within the revitalized monographs section

The new edition of Remington now offers all the advantages of online access. Purchasers of the print edition will receive complimentary access on MedicinesComplete.com*, the source of world-leading drug information from Pharmaceutical Press. (*individual use only.).

Remington: The Science and Practice of Pharmacy is jointly published by Pharmaceutical Press
and Philadelphia College of Pharmacy at University of the Sciences. To learn more or to purchase a copy of Remington (ISBN 978-0-85711-062-6), visit www.pharmpress.com or call 1-877-471-4747.

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