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Campus Safety Remains Top Priority at USciences
Posted: Wednesday, August 21, 2013
Contact:  Lauren Whetzel
Contact Email:  l.whetzel@usciences.edu
Contact Phone:  215-596-8864
Nearly 600 new students will arrive at USciences this week, duffel bags in hand as they wave goodbye to Mom and Dad and begin a new chapter in life. That’s why the personal safety of each and every student, on and off-campus, as well as the safety of faculty, staff, and visitors is of the utmost importance to the University.

“Campus safety is a major concern not only to students and administrators, but also to parents” said James Waldon, director of public safety at USciences. “Maintaining and improving our campus security relies on a close partnership between our faculty, staff, and students.”
College brings a sense of independence for most students. With so much anticipation and excitement, personal safety can be easily overlooked.  Students often believe they are protected because they are surrounded by their peers and feel relatively insulated in their own “community” – the college campus. 
Despite that sense of security, theft remains the most common crime reported on all college campuses because students tend to leave their dorm rooms and vehicles unlocked, and often fail to report suspicious activity on campus.
“It is important for students to realize that even if they are only going to the bathroom or into the room next door, locking their doors is the single best theft deterrent,” said Waldon. “It takes only a few seconds for someone to walk into an open room and remove something such as a wallet, purse, or laptop.”
Similarly, Waldon encourages members of the USciences community to remove all valuables and spare change from their unattended vehicles. In fact, he believes the safest policy is to keep all objects out of plain view in vehicles because one person’s trash could be another’s treasure.
USciences offers other safety measures to its students, faculty and staff, including emergency call boxes across campus, walking escort and shuttle services, crime prevention seminars, self-defense programs, as well as emergency alerts sent through its campus notification system.
Members of the USciences community can contact public safety officers at (215) 895-1117 to arrange for a walking escort or request additional information.  In the event of an emergency, individuals are urged to call (215) 596-7000 or dial 911. Students can also contact (215) 898-RIDE to request shuttle services.
“We will continue to take a proactive and precautionary approach in ensuring the safety of all members of the University community,” said Waldon. “We are here around the clock to serve and help protect our students and staff.”
For more on-campus safety information, visit the University’s public safety website at USciences.edu/studentlife/publicsafety.
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