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USciences Facilities: Investing in the Future of the Campus
Posted: Thursday, July 25, 2013
Written By:  Reginald Myers
Contact:  Brian Kirschner
Contact Email:  b.kirschner@usciences.edu
Contact Phone:  215-895-1186

As USciences’ students finished their work and went home this summer, Facilities Services’ work was just beginning.

Led by director Dan Severino, the Facilities team began capital and deferred projects, renovating and upgrading several high profile areas throughout the campus. Some of the improvements would be easily seen, like the remodeling of the Griffith Hall Lecture Halls, while some would be felt like replacing the air condition in the J.W. England Library and third floor of Griffith Hall. Still, some projects would be behind-the-scenes work only Facilities Services would notice. However, all of the projects aim to improve the student, faculty, and staff experience with the USciences’ campus.

Photos at left: New seats in Griffith Hall Lecture Hall C, construction progress for STCII, and carpet install for Wilson Dining Room.

Severino’s team is working to pull off what is known throughout higher education circles as “Thirteen Week Wonders.” They are aiming to complete all projects by August 16, before the students return for the fall semester.

“It’s a short amount of time, but our facilities staff and contractors are accustomed to the time constraints,” explained Severino. “Completing the projects are about getting ready for the upcoming year, and making that great impression for our returning and first year students. It’s Facilities Services goal to create and maintain a campus that reflects the first class education our faculty and staff provide. We want our community to feel a sense of pride as they walk through our buildings each day”.

Currently the projects are on time. The ARC pool re-purpose project is currently in the construction drawings phase. The J.W. England Library and Griffith Hall third floor are both undergoing HVAC system replacements. Griffith Hall Lecture Halls A and C, PTC 140, Goodman Hall, and Griffith CAPS lab are in the midst of renovations. Griffith Hall Lecture Halls A and C have gone through a major overhaul, receiving new finishes including new paint throughout, carpeting, ceiling work, and more energy efficient lighting. New seating has also been installed to complete this exciting project.

Several more projects are also taking place thanks to deferred maintenance funding:

  • Wilson Dining Hall’s first floor is getting new lighting, ceiling tiles and grid, and a fresh paint job.
  • Wilson Hall is also getting new carpeting on the second floor as well as new bathroom partitions and showers on the third and fourth floors.
  • Griffith Hall has also benefited from this year’s deferred maintenance funding, as the lighting and the ceiling tiles and grid on the first and second floor were replaced this summer.
  • Rosenberger Hall has new carpeting and paint throughout the building.
  • The J.W. England Library first floor is undergoing a transformation, adding new lighting, carpet, and ceilings throughout.

On a larger scale, the 57,000-square-foot, three-story Science and Technology Center II, scheduled to open next spring, has seen some noticeable progress. To date the foundations and retaining walls have been poured. In the next few months, the building will take shape as the steel structures are put into place. USciences Capital Project Manager Craig Washington is overseeing construction of this soon to be new addition to our campus.

USciences’ Facilities Services is also currently working with EnTech Engineering to continue a Facilities Condition Assessment which will help guide the University in identifying future yearly deferred and capital renewal projects.

“We’ve had several onsite visits from EnTech over the summer. The engineers have inspected each of our buildings to identify departmental spaces, and square foot calculations. They are currently inspecting all mechanical systems, their age, condition, and expected life cycle. We should have a full report by mid- September,” said Dan Severino.

Check out the ongoing STCII progress via the live web cam at www.usciences.edu/stcII.

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