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Andrew Peterson
Dr. Andrew Peterson
Dean, Professor of Clinical Pharmacy

In this 6th issue of Mayes Edge, you will find examples of the outstanding work of our faculty, staff and students. Mayes College faculty and students engage in a culture of learning and service both in and outside the classroom, with course offerings, lectures, and activities that are relevant to the entire campus and beyond. For example, the Lois K. Cohen endowed lecture series offers engaging insights into global health challenges. Last year's lecture was delivered by world renowned health leader, P. Roy Vagelos – former Merck CEO and current Chairman of the Board of Regeneron. His lecture on how a pharmaceutical giant, Merck, took on the global health challenge of river blindness was equally inspiring to students, faculty and staff. Our Pharmaceutical Business program has fostered a tradition of individualized attention to students through its annual Fall weekend retreat, where faculty and students learn the soft skills associated with success. Our faculty engage in ongoing pressing issues in healthcare and policy through both scholarship and teaching. We are committed to serving the entire undergraduate population through our Writing Programs, which touches all incoming freshmen. Finally, our graduate programs consistently support great students who are carving a professional niche through presentations and awards at regional national Conferences.

Open the pages and links. Take a glimpse at Mayes College. See how our 23 faculty and staff help our 500+ freshmen learn how to write, the 50+ undergraduate business students learn the ins-and-outs of pharmaceutical and healthcare business and the 150+ graduate students hone their expertise in biomedical writing, health policy, business and public health. As the Dean of Mayes College, I feel it is a privilege to be part of such a vibrant and engaging community of scholars. Enjoy this issue!


Programs and Lecture Series

Lois K. Cohen Global Health Lecture Series: "Biopharmaceutical Industry Impact on the Developed and Developing World”
Lois K Cohen Lecture
Mayes College Alumni Reunion
Mayes College Alumni Reunion

Mayes College of Healthcare Business and Policy presented The Lois K. Cohen Endowed Lecture Series in Global Health on September 26th in the McNeil Science & Technology Center, AstraZeneca Auditorium. The speaker was P. Roy Vagelos, MD, on “Biopharmaceutical Industry Impact on the Developed and Developing World” Dr. Vagelos, retired chairman of the board and CEO of Merck, and current chairman of the board of Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, discussed how the pharmaceutical industry contributes to the health care of developing countries and why it is important that it be involved in global health issues. The Lois K. Cohen Endowed Lecture Series in Global Health is made possible through the generosity of Ilene Warner-Maron PhD’07 in honor of her aunt Lois K. Cohen, PhD.

Dr. Andrew Peterson appointed as Wyeth Dean

This fall, Dean Andrew Peterson was named Wyeth Dean. The Wyeth Deanship is named after John Wyeth P‘1854, an alumnus and founder of John Wyeth and Brother, which is now part of Pfizer. This deanship preserves the Wyeth name in perpetuity at the institution.

Dr. Peterson was appointed as dean of Mayes College in 2010 after serving as interim dean for a year. He has more than 20 years of research experience in pharmacy management, managed care pharmacy, and medication compliance, and more recently, medications in the environment. Prior to his position in Mayes College, Dr. Peterson was chair of the Department of Pharmacy Practice/Pharmacy Administration within the University’s Philadelphia College of Pharmacy. He earned a PharmD from Medical College of Virginia and a PhD in health policy from University of the Sciences.

“Dr. Peterson’s interdisciplinary background in health policy and pharmacy practice and their relevance to healthcare today were key in his appointment as the Wyeth Dean. Dean Peterson’s leadership is crucial for ensuring that new insights in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries will emerge from the research and education programs of Mayes College,” said Dr. Giles-Gee.

A Toast To Mayes College: Alumni Reunion

Mayes College Alumni Reunion
Mayes College Alumni Reunion
Mayes College Alumni Reunion

On September 28, Mayes alumni gathered to celebrate friendships and accomplishments before connecting with fellow USciences grads at the All Alumni Reception.

Affordable Care Act Course

Stephen Metraux and Amalia Issa, who developed an ACA Fall 2013 course for the Department of Health Policy and Public Health, were quoted in a blog article about this one of a kind course. See: Learning and Living the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in Real Time.

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Use the links below to view scholarly activity for each faculty member:

Julie Becker

Julie Becker was an Annual Teaching and Learning Center s Faculty Recognition for Excellence honoree. Each year a new category is selected. This year it was faculty who started within the last three years who took on extra responsibility and excelled with this responsibility.


“Emerging Contaminants in Water: Ways to Decrease the Effect on Our Waterways” at the Sustaining a Healthy Future: Ecocentric Nursing in a Local and Global Environment conference. Presentation to the Pennsylvania State Nurses Association. October 18, 2013.

Kelleen Flaherty

“Writing for Publication in the Biomedical Literature.” Invited talk for Pinnacle Health (Harrisburg) to surgical residents (9/24/13) and internal medicine residents (10/2/13)

Chair, Roundtable  on  “CER – What Do Those Three Letters Mean?” American Medical Writer’s Association (AMWA), November 2013

Chair, Roundtable on “Soft Skills: What Are They, and Which Ones am I Missing?” American Medical Writer’s Association (AMWA), November 2013

“Target Audience: Preventing Tragedies on a Train American Medical Writer’s Association (AMWA), November 2013

Kelleen has also served on multiple national panels of medical writing experts dealing with issues such as a national certification exam for medical writers and "emergencies in medical writing."

Cristina Hanganu-Bresch

The proof is in the Brush-Stroke: Diagnosing and Treating Psychiatric Patients through Art. From moral treatment to psychotherapeutics: histories of psychotherapies from the York retreat to the present day. Conference held at the University College London, 11th-13th October 2013.

Amy Jessop

Dr. Jessop was invited to attend World Hepatitis Day events at the White House Friday, July 26th. Various HHS, congressional, and national leaders were present.

Amalia Issa

In June, Dr. Issa has been named to serve on the international College of Reviewers for the Canada Research Chairs program. She also directed the annual Pharmacogenomics course at the International Society for Pharmacoepidemiology annual meeting held August 23-29th.


“Breast and colorectal cancer patients’ decision-making for pharmacogenomics diagnostics at the International Society for Pharmacoepidemiology annual  meeting held August 23–29th.


Amalia M. Issa, Waqas Tufail, Nelson Atehortua and John McKeever. “A national study of breast and colorectal cancer patients  decision making for novel personalized medicine genomic diagnostics.” Personalized Medicine, 10 (3): 245-256, 2013. 

Yang M, Patel DS, Tufail W and Issa, Amalia M, The quality of economic studies of cancer pharmacogenomics: a quantitative appraisal of the evidence Exp. Pharmacoecon & Outcomes Research, 13(5): 597-611, October 2013.

Tamar Klaiman


Klaiman, T.; O Connell, K. & Stoto, M.  2013. “Local Health Department Public Vaccination Clinic Success During 2009 pH1N1.” Journal of Public Health Management and Practice. 19(4): 20-26.

Klaiman, T. & Twersky-Bumgardner, S. (2014). “Residential Facilities and Functional Needs: Preparing for and Responding to Emergencies.” Case #4 in Preparing Public Health to Respond to Disasters: Case Studies. Landesman L. & Weisfuse, I. eds. ISBN-13: 9781449645199.

Klaiman, T.; O’Connell, K. & Stoto, M. (2013). “Local Health Department Public Vaccination Clinic Success During 2009 pH1N1:  A Brief.” Journal of Public Health Management and Practice. 13(S5): S95-S96.

Klaiman, T.;O’Connell, K. & Stoto, M. (2013).“Local Health Department Public Vaccination Clinic Success During 2009 pH1N1.” Journal of Public Health Management and Practice. 19(4):20-26.

Steve Metraux

Stephen Metraux has an article in November s issue of the American Journal of Public Health: “Risk factors for becoming homeless among a cohort of veterans who served in the era of the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts” PubMed.
The article looks at risk factors for homelessness among a large cohort of Veterans who served during the era of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars.  Homelessness among these most recent veterans has been the object of particular attention and concern, and this is among the first studies to systematically look at correlates of their homelessness.  The study found that low income and behavioral health issues are the most salient risk factors, and also is the first study to find that deployment to Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as PTSD diagnoses among these deployed veterans, also increased their risk for homelessness after leaving the military.  These results will inform efforts by the Department of Veterans Affairs in programs that prevent homelessness among recent veterans, and is part of the VA s commitment to end homelessness by 2015.

Metraux, an Associate Professor in the Department of Health Policy and Public Health HPPH, is also Deputy Director of Research at the VA s National Center for Homelessness Among Veterans. His research on homeless vets and the risks associated with homelessness was previously cited in a perspective by Bridget M. Kuehn in the June 12, 2013 issue of JAMA. This article is the first from Mayes College to be published in public health s flagship journal, and is the latest example of the active research agenda that is pursued by HPPH faculty and students.


“Evaluating the Impact of the Homebase Homelessness Prevention Program in New York City on Related Costs.”  Presented at the International Homelessness Research Conference.  Philadelphia PA, June 3-4, 2013.

Risk Factors for Homelessness Among Veterans of the Iraq  OIF  and Afghanistan  OEF  Era.”  Presented in Homelessness Among Veterans of Recent Conflicts:  A Webinar. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration  SAMHSA , April 18, 2013.

“Research Perspectives on Veterans and Homelessness.” Presented at the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond’s conference “Collaborative Impact: The Case For Reducing Homelessness.” Richmond VA, September 27, 2013.

Moderator for “Effectiveness of Homeless Interventions” panel. Presented at the 8th Research Conference of the European Observatory on Homelessness. Berlin, Germany, September 20, 2013.

Richard Minoff

Professor Minoff addressed the Roche Global Product Strategy and Genentech Marketing teams on August 13th. Professor Minoff, a long-time marketing and commercialization consultant to Roche and Genentech, delivered a Lunch & Learn on Insights Marketing: The Process of Gaining a Deeper Understanding of Your Customers at Genentech s Campus in South San Francisco.

Andrew Peterson

Peterson AM.  Medications in the Environment – A Health and Policy Perspective.  Pennsylvania Groundwater Symposium, State College, PA.  May 8, 2013

Kunal Srivastava, Anamika Arora,, Aditi Kataria, Joseph C Cappelleri,  Alesia Sadosky, Andrew M. Peterson “Impact of reducing dosing frequency on adherence to oral therapies: a literature review and meta-analysis” Patient Preference and Adherence, 21 May 2013.

Peterson, Andrew. "Healthcare Exchanges Open for Business" Star Life Sciences Medical Monitor, October, 2013.

Ruth Schemm

Ruth Schemm, R. Balsam, S. Schroeder, and M. Fallon, M. presented on ”Moving Beyond a Walk: How to Nurture Healthy Daily Habit and Routines in Community Living Well Elders,” Institute on Aging, UPENN.  May 2013.

Schemm, R. ACA creates a focus on functional independence. Pennsylvania OT Association Annual Dinner, June 3, 2013. Conshohocken PA.

Vivian Valdmanis

Jos L.T. Blank & Vivian G. Valdmanis. Principles of Productivity Measures (Book).

Robert Votta

Robert J. Votta, Erik Benau. Predictors of stress in doctor of pharmacy students: Results from a nationwide survey. Currents in Pharmacy Teaching and Learning 5 (2013), 365-372.    Top of page »


Managed Markets Fellow, 2012-2014 cohort: Bijal N. Patel

Bijal N Patel
Bijal N. Patel, PharmD
Managed Markets Fellow

Bijal Patel graduated in the spring of 2013 with her Doctor of Pharmacy from the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy, along with a minor in Pharmaceutical Business. Through the past several years, Bijal has developed a diverse background in pharmacy practice, which includes pharmaceutical industry, healthcare litigation, and government-based public health enhancement. These unique opportunities have developed Bijal's interest and application of knowledge in managed markets, as she is currently the Managed Markets Fellows through the Mayes College. Through this program, Bijal has various rotational experiences with healthcare consulting firms, private and public health insurance organizations and pharmacy benefit managers, coupled with research and teaching opportunities within the University. When giving back to her community, Bijal enjoys volunteering with various organizations in the Philadelphia area and for Easter Seals to help individuals with disabilities and special needs.

Description of Research: Within the last few years, there has been a steady increase in the amount of money that managed care organizations (MCOs) spend on specialty pharmaceutical management. The purpose of this questionnaire-based research is to identify strategies MCOs are implementing in order to manage spending across four therapeutic areas: hepatitis c, multiple sclerosis, oncology and rheumatoid arthritis. These four therapeutic areas were chosen because they account for the areas of greatest specialty pharmaceutical spending. At the bottom of the distributed questionnaire, there are three open-ended questions to help identify emerging issues and trends within this area. Currently, we have sent out our questionnaire through multiple means of communication to 50 MCO directors from the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists ASHP  directory and are in the process of compiling data, conducting statistical analysis and preparing for publication submission.     Top of page »



The Mayes BS in Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Business (PHB) Retreat

Healthy Lifestyles Business Scholarship Competition
Healthy Lifestyles Business Scholarship Competition
Healthy Lifestyles Business Scholarship Competition

The Mayes BS in Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Business (PHB) Retreat is a signature event of the PHB program and offers a fast-immersion into the PHB program as new freshman, transfers and change of majors get an opportunity to get to know their peers, including upper class student mentors, the faculty, and the expectations required to do well.

This year’s highly rated and successful event took place from September 13th-15th at the Valley Forge Freedom Foundation with 28 students and all full-time PHB faculty, as well as Dean Peterson and Dr. Kate Mayes, the college s benefactor participated.

Dr. Mayes welcomed all the students and gave her vision for both a successful career and the opportunity to make a difference in the industry. The students loved the fact that they had an opportunity to spend time getting to know her and found her quite engaging and inspiring. The students had an opportunity to gain insight into working in teams, participate in our first ever Olympics, share their creativity and passion, as well as compete for the Mayes Cup and several individual awards which added a dose of reality from a competitive perspective. In addition, the student mentors developed a unique, practical skills-development workshop to help students jumpstart their professional career development efforts.

One of the weekend s highlights was having recent alumni return and talk about how Mayes helped them and what they re doing now as young professionals. This year we welcomed back: Paolo Aragona, BS '12, Medical Copywriter at FlashPoint Medica; Ashley Zamorski BS, '12, Account Executive at Vox Medica; and Becca Ruggear, BS '13, sales representative at Actavis.

The 4th Annual Healthy Lifestyles Business Scholarship competition

Healthy Lifestyles Business Scholarship Competition
Healthy Lifestyles Business Scholarship Competition
Healthy Lifestyles Business Scholarship Competition

Each year the Mayes College of Healthcare Business and Policy Undergraduate PHB program sponsors this event which provides an opportunity for high school sophomores, juniors and seniors to compete for over $10,000 in scholarships to attend the undergraduate PHB program, as well as cash prizes to the Top 10 teams. This year s high school competition, which took place here on November 16th, was the biggest yet with 38 participants and 18 teams competing. This year s winning team of two was comprised of a senior and a sophomore from the State College High School State College, PA, which entered 5 teams in the competition.


Joan Miller received the Department of Health Policy and Public Health Chair’s Travel Student Award to present: "TakeAwayTM Environmental Return System Envelopes: No way to do a take-back" at the 2013 National Environmental Health Association Annual Educational Conference and Exhibition in Washington, DC.

Gino Randazzo
Gino Randazzo

Gino Randazzo, a senior in the Undergraduate PHB program, was inducted into the Alpha Chi National Honor Society which recognized only 21 students at USciences this year. The induction ceremony and dinner was held on November 5th where Gino was presented for induction by Professor Richard Minoff, his advisor and Director, Undergraduate PHB program.

PhD degrees awarded in Health Policy and Public Health, May 2013:
  • John Thaddeus Matthews. Dissertation: “The Effect of Market/Based Economic Factors on the Adoption of Orphan Drugs Across Multiple Countries.” Faculty Advisor: Dr. Harold Glass

  • Jennifer Sambrook Pitonyak. Dissertation: "The Contexts of Life Course Health Development Associated with Exclusive Breastfeeding in the United States." Faculty Advisor: Dr. Amy Jessop

  • Bruce Blackburn Rosenthal. Dissertation: "Is it Safe to Come Out Yet? A Qualitative Analysis of the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare s Policy for the Condition Known as "Hikikomori." Faculty Advisor: Dr. Claudia Parvanta.
Master Degrees awarded by Mayes College
  • MS in Health Policy:
    • Larissa Polejaev
  • MPH (Master of Public Health):
    • John Kwame Duah
    • Mohamed Habib Guiro
    • Ismail Abdalla Ibrahim
    • Nasima Akthar Mannan
    • Joan Monica Miller
    • Sinoe Eugenia Naji
    • Aileen OfosuPAppiah
    • Chirag Bharatkumar Patel
    • Margaret Wetzler
Student presentations and publications:
  • Anjali Chainani, (PhD’14 Student in Health Policy). Poster on "Evaluating How the Food Industry Undermines Individual and Public Health and What We Can Do About It" at the College of Physicians Section on Public Health and Preventative Medicine s Annual Poster held on May 7, 2013.

  • Anjali Chainani, "Researching Alternatives to Bans on Feeding the Homeless" – Featured poster at Usciences Research Day and The Bulletin.

  • Karin Richards a PhD student in Health Policy presented a poster on "The Relationship between Faculty/Staff and Student Knowledge of Body Mass Index," at the College of Physicians Section on Public Health and Preventative Medicine s Annual Poster held on May 7, 2013.

  • Jay (John T.) Matthews. The Effect of Market-Based Economic Factors on the Adoption of Orphan Drugs Across Multiple Countries. In RDR (Rare Disease Report)

  • Jennifer Pitonyak (PhD '13, OTR/L) presented a poster on "The Contexts of Life Course Health Development Associated with Exclusive Breastfeeding in the United States," at the CityMatCH conference. CityMatCH is The National Organization of Urban Maternal and Child Heath Leaders. Jennifer's presentation received the “Best Poster Presentation Translating Results for an Audience.”   Top of page »

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