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Password Management

The IT department has implemented a new efficient “self-service” password management system for faculty, staff, and students.  This system will allow you to change or reset your password.  The new system has a few options for you to receive a random four digit registration code to verify your identity and reset your password. 

  • The phone/mobile option will prompt you to select a voice recorded or text message (text message option is available if you supplied your cell phone number) to receive the registration code.
  •  The E-mail option will send an email with the registration code to the alternate method contact you provided. The email account must be a third party email address such as yahoo or hotmail.

This system is available to all users on and off campus.

The following services are affected by the password recovery system:

  • Webadvisor
  • Access to all campus computers
  • Outlook Exchange (email) for faculty and staff only
  • Google Apps
  • Blackboard


To update or enroll to the NEW USciences Password Management System, click here.

If you forgot your password and are enrolled in the password management system, click here.



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