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Web Print Service

Usciences Campus Web Printing Service Instructions
Usciences Campus Printing Service is a server based printing solution that makes it easy for students to print without requiring the installation of printer drivers.  All students will now be able to print from your Windows or Mac laptop computer. Through a web browser, you will be able to interact with the Usciences Web Campus Printing Service and be guided through a simple process of:

  • Identifying yourself
  • Choosing a printer
  • Setting print options
  • Picking a document to print

A status window will guide you through all the necessary steps.  You should leave this status window open until your request is complete. The server will process your request, send the print data to the selected printer, then delete your document and deduct the appropriate amount from your campus account.
The following locations and printers are available for Usciences Web Printing:

1. 4140 2nd Floor  
       - Ricoh 8200DN 4140 Black and White
       - Ricoh 8200DN 4140 Color
2. Library 1st Floor
       - Ricoh Lib 1
       - Ricoh Lib 2
3. Library 2nd Floor-LRC
       - Ricoh LRC 1
       - Ricoh LRC 2
4. McNeil STC
       - Ricoh 8200DN STC Black and White
       - Ricoh 8200DN STC Color

5. Wilson Computer Lab
       - Ricoh 8200 Wil 217-1
       - Ricoh Color WI217
       - Ricoh 8200 WI217-2

The Steps

  1. You need to be on campus and connected to wireless to print to a university printer. Each screen has additional information that you should familiarize yourself with the first time you print.
  2. Go to http://webprint.usciences.edu , and under Online Printing, click Print.

  1. On the log in screen, type in your Usciences login ID and your network password

  1. Choose a printer (from the list of available printers) where you want to pick up your documents.

  1. On the next screen, click Choose File and browse your computer for the document you want to print, or enter a URL of the webpage you want to print in the Web Page box. Then click Submit.

  1. On the next screen you can choose between legal and letter sized printing, portrait or landscape printing. Click Continue.

  1. You will be prompted with a summary of how many pages will be printed and will be given a final chance to approve or cancel the print job. If you approve, the job will be printed and your account charged. If you cancel, the job will not print and you will not be charged. In either case you will have an opportunity to print another document (to the same or another printer) or log out by following the links at the bottom of the page.


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