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Things To Do To Your Computer Before Coming On Campus

I. Windows Update

All student computers that come on campus must go through Clean Access. Students will be required to have all Windows Security and High Priority updates. To ease the transition and time it takes to connect to the university's network, students should check their computers and make sure that they are up to date with all Windows updates. Here's how; with a connection to the internet click on Tools and go down to Windows Update. This will take you to Microsoft's web page where you will be able to download any available updates for your system. Note, you can only download updates from Microsoft from Internet Explorer not Mozilla, Netscape or any other web application.

II. Anti-Virus

All computers on the university's network must have anti-virus software in order to connect to the Internet or any other resource on the network. The university recommends using Microsoft Security Essentials which is free from Microsoft. The university will assist you with installing the antivirus if you do not have one.

III. Spy ware/Male ware

In order for any machine to operate properly they must be clean of spy ware/male ware. These are programs that sneak on to a person's system and run in the background doing nothing but trouble. To combat this problem, go only to web sites that you know and trust. If that option does not work for you; there is software that you can use to periodically check your machine for spy ware/male ware. Here's how, with an Internet connection you can go to Download.com and download Spybot or Adaware. These are freeware programs which mean you do not have to pay for them.

IIII. Maintenance

All things need a level of stability and a computer is no different. With proper maintenance a computer will function at full performance levels at all times. Weekly checks for viruses, spy ware/male ware and windows updates will keep a machine tuned up and ready to go. Following these steps before you arrive on campus and during your stay will keep your computer from crashing and saving you a lot of money.

V. Firewall's

The university asks that you turn off all firewall's/personal firewall's on your system. Having your firewall on will cause you to have problems authenticating through Clean Access and some of the web based resources on the network. Once a student connects to the university's network they are protected by the university's firewall and Internet security policy's. Having a personal firewall on will only cause a delay getting onto the university's network. You can disable your Windows firewall by clicking on the Start button, then go to Settings, Control Panel. Once in the control panel click on Security Center and click on disable firewall radio button.

VI. Wireless Router's

Wireless access is not supported in the Resident Halls. Wireless router's/access point's are not allowed in the Resident Halls and will only disrupt your ability to access resources on the network. There is wireless access throughout the campus in varies buildings and public areas and can be accessed freely with an 802.11b/g compatible wireless card.

Help Desk for Students

Information Technology provides computing support for students. To request support, contact the IT Student Help Desk at 215.596.7611 ithelp@usciences.edu.

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