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How to use USciences’ home share

How to use USciences’ home share
All USciences’ users have a personal M: drive associated with their username.  The home shares are backed up nightly by IT.  Please be advised that personal documents , photos and music should not be stored in the home share.

How to map to Mac drive: click here

How to map home share for Windows Users:

  1. Highlight My Computer and Right click on it
  2. Select Map a network drive and left click on it


  1. In the folder path type in \\jungle\usci\username

Example: \\jungle\usci\j.doe
Make sure the reconnect at logon is checked

  1. Click Finish

How to transfer files to home share

  1. Select the file you would like to move and right copy on the file and select copy.


  1. Go to your windows start icon located on the bottom left hand corner and select Computer.





  1. In Computer you will see a “M” drive


  1. Double Click on the “M” drive and left click in the window and select paste


  1. The file should now appear in your “M” drive.
If you need any assistance please contact the help desk at X7575

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