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Getting messages from your old account Mail.usciences.edu

You can setup Gmail to import and fetch messages from your account@mail.usp.edu by using Mail Fetcher.
To set up Mail Fetcher:

  1. Click the gear icon http://www.google.com/help/hc/images/mail/mail_6567_gear_icon.png  at the top of any Gmail page, choose Mail settings and open the Accounts and Import tab.
  2. In the Check mail using POP3 section, click Add POP3 email account.
  3. Enter the full email address of the account you'd like to access, then click Next Step.
  4. Gmail will populate sample settings, but we recommend selecting “Other” then enter pod51011.outlook.com. Enter your Password.

  5. Decide whether to:
  6. Leave a copy of retrieved messages on the server
    Always use a secure connection (SSL) when retrieving mail
    Label incoming messages
    Archive incoming messages

  7. Click Add Account.


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