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FAQ for Mail.usciences.edu

Whose mail is being moved to Google Apps?
All student, alumni and student organization email accounts will be moved.  Employees (faculty and staff) of the University will not be moved, even if they are taking a course.
Can I keep my USP Live Mail box?
There will be a brief period of time when you can access both USP Live Mail and Google Apps so you can transfer contacts and calendar information. You will not be allowed to keep your USP Live Mail account in the long term.  The exact cutoff date has not been determined.
Is my email and information at Google Apps kept private and secure?
Yes. The email data is owned by University of the Sciences and its students—not Google. Google is simply a service provider. These and other concerns have been addressed by an educational agreement contract.  In addition, Google has a privacy policy which can be read here: http://www.google.com/intl/en/privacypolicy.html
I have my email forwarded from USP Live Mail. Will that still work?
NO. When your account is migrated to Google Apps, all forwards will no longer work.  If you wish to continue to forward mail it will have to be done within your Usciences’ Google Mail.  However it is not recommended that users forward email as we can only guarantee and verify delivery of University communication to your Usciences’ Gmail account. 
What will happen to my @mail.usp.edu email ?
All emails sent to your @mail.usp.edu account will forward to your @mail.usciences.edu Google account as of June 4, 2012.
I have a Blackberry/iPhone/Windows Mobile Phone—can I read my mail there?
Yes. Use the information at these links:

Google Apps also supports synchronization with your phone. For details and setup information, see http://www.google.com/mobile/default/sync.html

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