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Student Philanthropy Project

What is Student Philanthropy Project?

USciences Students, this is your chance to leave a mark on your campus. It’s an opportunity for you and your classmates to come together and make a difference at USciences.

Why should the students be excited to participate?

Many students ask, "Why should I give when I pay tuition?"  The answer is simple: tuition, room, board and fees do not cover all of USciences’ expenses.  Believe it or not, without external support from alumni, friends, and other sources, the university would not be able to provide such things as financial aid, and campus upgrades. As a student, this is a chance to not only continue the university’s excellence but improve it. Student Philanthropy Project is a student-run initiative for students from students.

How can you help?
Our USciences Advancement Officers will be around campus asking for donations or they will have drop off boxes in various parts of the campus. In addition, here are some of the other initiatives:

  • Students Appreciate Donors Day - The first Students Appreciate Donors Day was held on April 4, 2013. Over 300 students came out to Parenti Plaza to sign thank you cards to show their appreciation to USciences donors.
  • Phonathon –The Phonathon is a critical component of Annual Giving. Staffed by USciences students, the Phonathon is also a major campus employer.
  • Give Today - Please send this link to your parents, other relatives and friends in case they would like to give on your behalf.  If you would like to give in someone else’s name, we will promptly notify them.  A great graduation present!

You can join your generous predecessors and GIVE ONLINE TODAY.  Please indicate “Student Philanthropy Project” in the comments section.

This is a chance to leave a mark on your campus that you will remember forever!  Don’t miss out!

For more information on the Student Philanthropy Project or other donations, feel free to reach out to Ani Mutafova at a.mutafova@usciences.edu or 215-596-7525


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