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General Education Values and Attitudes

Any good educational background includes courses that are not required but that students select to pursue individual interests, increased depth of understanding of an area that informs the career choice, or purely for recreational experiences. We have chosen to call such areas Values and Attitudes. The list of Values and Attitudes is not required, but the listing does indicate the importance that is placed on each of these experiences.

General Education Values and Attitudes Recommendations

Aesthetics Students will develop an appreciation and understanding of works art, literature, or performance by interpretative or historical
Cultural Differences Students will understand the elements that contribute to cultural and ethnic identity.
Individual Differences Students will recognize individual differences and describe how personal attitudes, beliefs, and traits influence interactions with others.
Informed Citizenship Students will understand the evolution of civil society and be a responsible citizen at all levels.
Multidisciplinary Inquiry Students will understand a theme, issue or problem from the perspective of multiple disciplines.
Reflective and Purposeful Learning Students will acquire the ability for reflective, life-long learning.
Leadership and Teamwork Students will demonstrate ability to collaborate with other and to lead group efforts.

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