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General Education

General Education Skills

In addition to the disciplinary and elective coursework, students must demonstrate that they have had contact with a total of 6 skill areas encompassing skills and essential values. This requirement is designed to ensure student exposure to important elements of General Education.

Students are expected to fulfill their Skills requirements within the context of the fifty-three (53) credits taken to meet the Discipline and Elective course requirements.

Oral Communication and Written Communication are particularly important parts of the general experience. Therefore, students are required to augment the Oral Communication and Written Communication Disciplinary courses by completing different courses with Applied Oral Communication Skills and Applied Written Communication Skills.

General Education Skill Requirements

Ethics Students will engage in ethical and moral reasoning and act ethically in public, professional and personal responsibilities.
Information Literacy Students will identify the need for information and access it, evaluate it, and use it legally and ethically.
Oral Communication Using standard English, students will communicate in a personally effective and socially appropriate manner.
Reasoning and Problem Solving Students will recognize, analyze and propose solutions to problems.
Technology Students will use appropriate technology and show ability to understand its impact on society.
Written Communication

Students will use the English language to write effectively in a variety of contexts.

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