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General Education Assessment

The current General Education Program Assessment Plan was developed by the General Education Committee (GEC) in collaboration with faculty and administration. The assessment plan was approved by Faculty Senate on December 2012 and its implementation has started.

Our assessment plan includes both direct and indirect forms of assessment at different points in time.

The direct forms of assessment are:
  1. Course-embedded assessment of General Education skills
    The course-embedded component of General Education assessment will be conducted on a yearly basis over a three-year period. Each academic year two pre-determined General Education skills are assessed.

  2. Institutional assessment.

    The testing will be conducted using the Abbreviated ETS Proficiency Profile test following a combination between a cross-sectional study (1st and 4th year students tested at the same point in time) and a longitudinal study (same group tested during their 1st year and then as 4th year). Testing will start in 2013 and will be administered on a biennial basis.

Indirect forms of assessment include the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) and parallel surveys to be used with faculty, students and alumni.

For a more detailed description of the assessment plan see the complete General Education Assessment plan.

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