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Destination: Success®—Expanded Advising

Finding the right courses, research projects, internship, volunteer, and shadowing opportunities for your career path takes guidance. With Destination: Success®, you won’t go on this journey alone.

Destination: Success® connects you with a personalized advisory team to help you develop a streamlined, navigable pathway leading to an exciting career. Professional academic advisors, specialized pre-health professions advisors, and faculty mentors all come together to ensure that you have the support you need and identify all of the opportunities available to you—including options you may not have considered.

Strength in Numbers

Through Destination: Success®, you will have an academic advisor who will help you determine the academic coursework you will need for your individual path. Depending on your chosen destination, you may also be paired with a pre-health professions advisor—who will offer guidance on pre-professional programs at USciences and other institutions—or a scientific mentor who will guide you in your chosen scientific discipline.

This team approach gives you the benefit of:

  • Personalized attention, to help you find your “perfect fit” career in the sciences or health professions
  • Expert guidance, to determine the best steps for moving closer to your goals
  • Extensive resources and faculty connections, to direct you to the coursework, research projects, internships, volunteer, and shadowing opportunities you need to build your knowledge base and move forward

Expert Support

With Destination: Success®, faculty academic advisors represent the full range of science and health professions—including cell biology, microbiology, pharmaceutical chemistry, optometry, veterinary medicine, dentistry, and medicine. They stay current in their disciplines through research and teaching and enhance their advising skills through workshops and training.

Pre-health professions advisors deliver valuable insights into today’s leading science and health professional programs, including requirements for acceptance and what the experience is like once you’re there. They have significant expertise in guiding students through all aspects of the application cycle and constantly update their skills through participation in local, regional, and national professional meetings.

Represented programs include:

  • Medicine
  • Dentistry
  • Veterinary Medicine
  • Optometry
  • Pharmacy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physician Assistant
  • Physical Therapy
Ranked in the top 10 percent among comparable institutions whose graduates receive advanced degrees in medical sciences

Learn more about what Destination: Success® can do for you:

Kevin C. Wolbach, M.S., Interim Associate Dean, Misher College of Arts and Sciences



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