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Destination: Success®

Destination: Success® is an educational model that includes a unique, personalized advising platform to help students in all majors and programs in Misher College of Arts and Sciences discover their “perfect fit” career in the sciences or health professions.

Flexibility, Focus, and Support

USciences offers the breadth and depth of a strong science education supported by the humanities and social sciences. Destination: Success® helps you make the most of your USciences experience through student learning and development—and make a seamless transition to the science and health professions—through:

The Right Path to a Rewarding Future

From your first career orientation class through completion of your studies, Destination: Success® gives you the individual attention, partnerships with expert advisors, and access to academic and professional resources you need to explore your interests, strengths, and goals. As you do so, you’re guided to the best science or health professions program for you—and the best steps for getting there.

Ranked in the top 18 percent of comparable institutions whose undergraduates have gone on to complete a doctoral degree in sciences.

Learn more about what Destination: Success® can do for you:

Kevin C. Wolbach, M.S., Assistant Dean, Misher College of Arts and Sciences



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