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Bachelors Degree Conferment Ceremony

Friday, May 16, 2014
University of the Sciences
Athletic/Recreation Center (ARC), Bobby Morgan Arena


This page was last updated on 01/17/2014

Awarding of bachelors degrees for MOT, DPT and PharmD Students

As a MOT, DPT and PharmD student who entered the University as a first-year student in 2010, or who transferred into those programs before earning a bachelors degree, you will be eligible to earn a bachelors degree at the end of the 2013-14 academic year even as you continue your matriculation toward your professional degree.

Students who anticipate graduating with a minor should check on WebAdvisor to confirm that the minor is listed. If you have any questions regarding your minor, please contact the department where your minor is offered.

Graduates with Disabilities

Please inform us if you are unable to walk up or down stairs, or are visually or hearing impaired. We can make arrangements to accomodate you and enable you to particpate in the Conferment Ceremony. Please contact Michele Albert at 215-596-7619 or m.albert@usciences.edu


The university has decided to hold a special Bachelors Degree Conferment Ceremony.  

  • The ceremony is scheduled for 12pm, and will be held at the Bobby Morgan Arena on campus.  

The ceremony will be a full cap-and-gown affair, with students being acknowledged individually by the faculty for the earning of their degrees.  Latin honors and the completion of minors will be acknowledged at the ceremony. We will invite a guest speaker, and in addition, we will ask each of the three graduating groups to select a graduate to speak to the graduates, faculty and guests.

University of the Sciences Legacy Families

A Legacy is an alumnus or student in a family with one or more generations of University of the Sciences/Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science graduates (living or deceased). This includes alumni and students who are related by marriage.

Guests and Tickets

The number of guests that each graduate can invite will be determined by the number of graduates who petition to participate in the ceremony, and will be determined early in the spring semester. However, each student will be given a minimum of four (4) admission tickets for family and/or friends as well as 10 announcements.

Diploma Distribution

Students participating in the Bachelor’s Degree Conferment Ceremony (Bobby Morgan Arena)
Diplomas will not be distributed at the ceremony. Diplomas will be mailed directly to degree recipients approximately 4-6 weeks after the ceremony. Please make sure that the Registrar's Office has a valid address to mail your diploma to by completing the Diploma Address portion of the BS/BSHS petition.

More Details

There will be more details about the Bachelors Degree Conferment Ceremony coming to you over the next few months.   We are looking forward to the opportunity to honor you in a special way for the earning of your bachelors degree as an important milestone on the journey to your professional degree, and we hope you will participate in this special event!


Log on to http://events.lifetouch.com/


Click on to: Find Your Event

Select Event Type: Graduation

Enter State: Penna.

Event Date: May, 2014

School or Organization Keyword: Sciences


Hit: Find

Click Bachelors Degree Conferment Ceremony, Looking for Proofs, Select Names Will Drop Down, Choose Your Name

If you have a problem, please call 800-334-1531

Candid photographs will be available at the Graduation Facebook site at University of the Sciences - Class of 2014 after June 26th

Cap and Gowns

Please click HERE to order your cap and gown. The deadline to order your cap and gown is 3/26/2014. The cap and gown will be provided to you at no charge and will be distributed in the ARC in the Rec Gym on Conferment Day starting at 9:30am.

Accessibility at the Athletic Recreation Center


Parking for patrons with a valid handicap license plate or other authorized identification is available near the main entrance.


Reserved special seating is available for persons using a wheelchair, are visually impaired or hearing impaired. Please contact Michele Albert at m.albert@usciences.edu or call 215-596-7619.







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