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Group Tutoring

Group tutoring is available for students requiring in-depth assistance. Services are available for most courses offered at the university. For the most updated tutoring information, contact Student Academic Support Services Staff (SASS) at 215.596.7541 or 215.596.8538. Students interested in becoming a tutor, click here

In most cases, groups are small, with no more than four to five students..

What are you looking for?

How can I tell when I need a tutor?
What can I expect from tutoring?
What are my responsibilities as a tutee?
How do I request a tutor?
What if tutoring is not enough?
Why do you limit tutoring?
Summer tutoring information

How can I tell when I need a tutor?

  • The thought of solving mathematical or chemical equations (or any other problems) makes your blood run cold.
  • It has been more than five years since you studied the subject.
  • You've tried to understand and apply the coursework, but still feel completely baffled.
  • Every time you think about the class, you feel swamped because you simply don't remember or understand the fundamental concepts.
  • Comments on assignments leave you more confused than ever.
  • You know you'd do better with a little help - and you want to do better.

Taken from PBS Campus.

What can I expect from tutoring?
We limit your tutoring sessions to two hours a week per subject, all tutoring is done as a group session and we cannot guarantee you will recieve a tutor. Tutoring can help clarify information for you on a more personal basis than class or a Supplemental Instruction session. Tutoring is not meant to be a last-minute resort for studying, cramming for a test, or finishing homework. Your tutor will not do your homework for you!
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What are my responsibilities as a tutee?
Signing the request form for tutoring means that you are agreeing to the following:

1. I will arrive on time and ready to work

2. If I am unable to make a tutoring session I will contact the tutoring center and the tutor with at least 24 hours advance notice.

3. If I do not show up and do not cancel for two tutoring sessions I will be required to contact and/or meet with the Tutorial Services Administrator within one week.

4. If I do not show up for a third scheduled tutoring session or I do not contact/and or meet with the Tutorial Services Administrator within one week; I know that my tutoring session will be cancelled for the remainder of the semester.

5. I will attempt the homework ahead of time.

6. I will come with questions prepared.

7. I will actively participate in the tutoring session.

8. I will assist others in the group whenever I can.

9. I will attend class regularly.

10. I will use my professor’s office hours if at all possible.

11. I will not use the tutoring session to find out what happened in any class I missed.

Please note that a violation of any of these agreements may result in a temporary suspension of tutorial services.
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How do I sign up?
To sign up for tutoring services, students must complete a request form, then visit the tutoring center in order to schedule the tutoring session.
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What if tutoring is not enough?
You have several options. Speak with your professor about getting some extra help for specific problems. Make sure you’re attending all of the classes and labs so that you’re not missing information. If there are SI sessions available for the course, go to them. Also visit the Student Academic Support Services Center to recieve one on one assistance with study and time management methods.
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Why do we limit tutoring?
Tutoring applications are available a week after classes begin. This is to allow you time to familiarize yourself with the course and to determine the level of help you might need. Also, we understand that tutors are students too, and that schedules may change.

Your tutoring sessions are limited to two hours a week per subject. Our goal in providing tutoring services is to help you become an independent learner. This means that you will develop the skills you need to learn and be successful on your own, as we do not have tutors for every course you will be taking here at USciences. This includes time management skills. We also understand that tutors and tutees are students with many different responsibilities to attend to.

We stop honoring requests for tutoring approximately three weeks before final exams. Since tutoring is more effective when done regularly, we encourage students to sign up as soon as they feel they need help, not at the last minute.

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