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Student Aid Report, Verification, "C" Flags, & Award Letter

Student Aid Report

It is highly recommended to submit a FAFSA on the Web, since it may be processed up to two weeks faster than a paper application. You can submit your FAFSA on the Web at http://www.fafsa.gov. As of May 10, 2015 all students and at least one parent who will be completing the FAFSA will need to obtain a FSA ID.

After you submit your completed FAFSA on the Web (either by signing online with a FSA ID, or by printing the signature page and submitting by mail), you will receive a Student Aid Report (SAR) from Federal Student Aid, an office of the US Department of Education.

The SAR is a hard copy of the information you provided on the FAFSA. This report indicates your Expected Family Contribution (EFC). The SAR also gives you an opportunity to correct any errors or update your data. If you estimated your financial information when you originally filed, you must now use the SAR to correct your data with accurate information. You may also review and correct your information online, using your FSA ID. A confirmation of any changes you made will be sent to you for your review.

Important! Be sure the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, along with school code (003353) is listed on your SAR. If it is not, contact the Financial Aid Office immediately.


Verification is a process by which the Department of Education randomly selects students to have their FAFSA information reviewed by the Financial Aid Office. If you are selected, you (and your parents) must supply documentation to confirm the data reported on your FAFSA form. Typically, this means submitting signed copies of your (and your parents') federal tax returns and a verification worksheet. The Financial Aid Office will notify you regarding the information necessary to satisfy the verification requirement. No Federal Financial Aid may be credited to your account until this process is completed.  For verification documents, see our forms web page.

"C" Flags

When you apply for financial aid consideration, the Department of Education (ED) verifies your information with other federal agencies. "C" Flags indicate inconsistent information or information that could not be verified by the (ED) system. All "C" Flags are identified on the Student Aid Report with an explanation on Part I of the SAR. All "C" Flag issues must be resolved before the Financial Aid Office can disburse any financial aid. Resolution can occur through the assistance of certain Federal agencies. You will be notified by the Financial Aid Office of what documentation or action is required to resolve the "C" Flag.

Financial Aid Award Letter

Every student who applies for Financial Aid will receive a Financial Aid Award Letter. This letter details the aid for which the student is eligible, the type of aid the student has been awarded, and the amounts. A Financial Aid Award Letter Guide explaining the types of aid and the codes used on the letter, and an Alternative Loan Comparison Chart outlining various loan options for students and parents will also be included with your Financial Aid Award Letter.

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