A USciences Education Shapes Lives.
It Shaped Mine.

I THANK OUR UNIVERSITY. More specifically, I can point to four esteemed faculty members. I have always been grateful for their example, teaching, mentoring and friendship. Recent graduates may not know them, but just the mention of their names will evoke a flood of memories for my fellow alumni who also had them as teachers.

Linwood Tice was my teacher and dean ─ and later my mentor and friend. A national leader in pharmacy and busy administrator, he was also a caring individual who always made time for anyone who needed his advice, encouragement and support. He often departed from his classroom lecture to share from his vast reservoir of experiences and opinions. These lessons for everyday life still hold value. Dean Tice was a committed, highly effective advocate for advancing the profession and proof of the importance of having the courage of your convictions. He encouraged me to consider teaching and invited me to join his faculty.

G. Victor Rossi was the master teacher. His intellect, expertise, eloquence and sense of humor made his lectures particularly valuable and enjoyable. In my many years of experience, no one else has matched his skills as a classroom teacher.

Arthur Moore had character and a unique teaching style. When I think of him and his classes, a smile comes to my face and it's hard to resist laughing out loud. Some years ago, I saw a book entitled The Last Man Who Knew Everything and I immediately thought of Arthur Moore.

James Doluisio joined our faculty as soon as he completed his graduate studies, when I was starting my senior year. My plans after graduation were undecided and he persuaded me to go to graduate school. I could not have known then how important his guidance and advice would turn out to be. Jim was my major professor, mentor, friend and role model.

I had other excellent teachers but these individuals started me on my path. I hope that every graduate and student can point to similar influences in their lives and careers. That is why we choose to be part of today's faculty: to carry on this rich tradition.


Daniel A. Hussar, P'62, MS'64, PhD'67
Remington Professor of Pharmacy


P'62, MS'64. PhD'67

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