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Reunion ─ A Time To Reminisce,
Show Our Pride and Have Fun!

I CAN'T BELIEVE our five-year class reunion is almost here! I certainly look forward to celebrating with my classmates on October 23rd.

Reunion can be a unique experience. For some, it's a chance to travel a distance back to Philadelphia (at a great time of year) and get reacquainted with a city and campus we haven't known for many years. For others, it's a short drive or just a mere cab ride to a familiar place nearby.

Regardless of the logistics, we all should come back for the same reason ─ because the friends, mentors, experience and knowledge we gained at our alma mater helped us create the lives we enjoy today.

I am looking forward to hearing about how things have changed and where careers have taken my friends in the past half-decade. I am co-owner of Millersburg Pharmacy, Inc. in Millersburg, PA and live in Pillow with my wife, Sarah, and our two children. While we're not all that far away, we don't make it to Philly all that often, so we are excited to have this opportunity.

Best of all ─ since we're all so busy ─ is how easy it is to register for Reunion and get hotel information on the new Alumni website.

Can’t wait to see you and the old campus!



Mark D. McAlanis, PharmD '05



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