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I Love My Two Labs ─
Corporate and Classroom.

MY UNIVERSITY OF THE SCIENCES EDUCATION has not only opened my world to professional opportunities, but has also affected me on a very personal level.

Right after graduation, I was given the opportunity to live and work in Miami. This amazing experience positively changed me as a person and provided an excellent learning foundation. Working with fellow alumni, I quickly found out how far University of the Sciences reaches ─ and how tight-knit our community is. These connections helped me expand my expectations of myself and my career.

More recently, my positive memories of USciences inspired me to find a way to reconnect with my school. I was able to fulfill this goal by accepting an adjunct teaching position, working with students in a lab setting, in addition to my full-time work.

Again, the experience has exceeded my expectations. I have made even more amazing connections with both students and faculty. Now I hope to expand my role at USciences. The motivation of my students spurred me to enroll in an MBA/MS program to further my education and, in turn, I work to encourage them to pursue their dreams and goals.

The bottom line is that my education at USciences prepared me well for my career, although I didn't appreciate it at time. The hard work and stress that are a student's life when pursuing a career in Pharmacy are well worth it in the end. As I continue to grow as a person and a professional, I know that my connection to my alma mater is a major influence on my life.



Jennifer L. Colon, PharmD'00
Pharmacist, Virtua Health
Adjunct Faculty, University of the Sciences



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