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Support Team of Alumni Representatives (STAR)

The Support Team of Alumni Representatives (STAR) allows alumni to assist with the recruitment of prospective students; encouraging accepted students to select USciences as their college destination; and congratulating enrolled students who will step foot on campus for the first time.

You can participate in the STAR program whether you are close to campus or in another part of the country, whether you have an hour to give or an entire day.

We are so very thankful for your support!

Here's how you can help:

Open Houses

The Admission Office hosts several recruitment events on campus each year, including Open Houses. Alumni can participate in a panel discussion, speaking to prospective students and their parents about why you chose to attend USciences, what you are doing now, and why USciences is a great fit.

College fairs

Representing USciences at a college fair is a valuable service for the Admission Office. Sharing your experiences brings life to the information that prospective students read on our website or our materials.

Host a recruitment event

Opening your home to prospective students and their parents in your area, as well as fellow alumni and parents of current students, would be a wonderful welcome to those who are considering USciences. It is also a great opportunity to forge connections between those who are already passionate about the institution to those who are interested in learning more about it.

Accepted student calls

Who better to call and congratulate accepted students than our alumni! There is nothing as rewarding as being the bearer of great news—or at least further reinforcing that USciences is eager to welcome new students into the USciences family.

Training and materials

The Admission Office will provide you with the requisite training and materials that you need to effectively engage in these activities. From printed materials to website videos and postings, to other platforms for engagement, we work to make certain that your experience as a STAR is just as rewarding as your experience was as a student.

Rewarding experience

By volunteering for these activities, you’ll be joining fellow alumni who contribute their time and energy for the betterment of our students—both current and future. Your contributions will be noted in our Alumni Volunteer Report which tracks just such participation, and demonstrates the outstanding passion and commitment that you have for your alma mater.

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