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Alumni Hall of Fame

IN 1821, 68 prominent Philadelphia apothecaries met in Carpenter's Hall to establish the basis for improving scientific standards and training more competent apprentices and students. They pledged "to invite a spirit of pharmaceutical investigation," and a year later, they organized and incorporated the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy (PCP) ─ the first college of pharmacy in North America.

With these bold strokes, our founders helped usher in the modern practice of pharmacy and laid the foundation for future advances and discoveries, many made by USciences graduates.

USciences has launched the careers of many innovative and pioneering individuals in the field of health care, including the founders of six of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies:

  • Eli Lilly and Company: Dr. Eli Lilly (Class of 1907) and his father, Josiah K. Lilly (Class of 1882)
  • Rorer Pharmaceuticals, now part of Sanofi-Aventis: Gerald F. Rorer (Class of 1931)
  • Warner-Lambert, now merged with Pfizer: William R. Warner (Class of 1856), founder of Warner-Lambert Company, Inc., which merged with Pfizer Inc.
  • McNeil Laboratories/Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceuticals: Robert L. McNeil, Jr. (Class of 1938) and his grandfather, Robert McNeil (Class of 1876)
  • Wyeth, now merged with Pfizer: John Wyeth (Class of 1854)
  • Burroughs Wellcome, now part of GlaxoSmithKline: Silas M. Burroughs (Class of 1877) and Sir Henry S. Wellcome (Class of 1874)

USciences alumni have made significant contributions with global impact in nearly every aspect of pharmacy, science, and health sciences. Their breakthroughs include:

  • X-rays (Martin Wilbert — Pharmacy, 1890)
  • Motor oil additives (Vincent J. Cease — Pharmacy, 1956)
  • Rechargeable batteries (Paul J. Nigrey — Chemistry, 1970)
  • Ultrasound gels (Martin Buchalter — Pharmacy, 1955)
  • Time-release formulas for medications (Gerald P. Polli — Pharmacy, 1956)
  • Portable infusion pump (Glenn Herskowitz — Pharmacy, 1983)
  • Test for inherited predisposition to colon cancer (Kenneth Kinzler — Pharmacology/Toxicology, 1983)
  • Knee therapy machine (Michelle Fontana — Master of Physical Therapy, 1990)

They have also contributed to the inventions of:

  • Hires Root Beer extract
  • Photocopy toner and electrographic inks
  • Polyurethanes
  • Silicone-based adhesives
  • Water repellency treatments
  • Gas discharge laser development
  • Plant growth regulators

"Continuing my relationship with the University after graduation as an active member of the Alumni Association has been more fulfilling than I could have imagined. Business relationships and great friendships start here.

Past President, 2013–14 Alumni Association Board of Directors

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