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Lecture Capture (Panopto & Mediasite)

Lecture capture is an important component of classroom technology at USciences. Lecture capture allows instructors to record what happens in their classrooms and make it available electronically through our Learning Management System. The recorded content includes a video of the presenter, their slide materials, and often additional images of accompanying documents.


We use Mediasite in the major lecture halls to capture high quality video of the instructor and everything that is projected in class. This class recording includes the instructor’s desktop computer screen (e.g., web sites, applications, PowerPoint slides), document camera output, or hand-writing on the interactive podium display. Recorded lecture content is available shortly after class.


Panopto is a lecture capture system used in smaller classrooms and at a faculty member’s desk. It records a similar set of inputs and produces a cross-platform lecture presentation. Panopto can also be used by instructors to record screencasts and learning modules in the convenience of their own office.


Lecture capture systems offer three important benefits:

  • An alternative when students miss class
  • An opportunity for course content review
  • And content for online course development

Lecture capture enhances and extends existing instructional activities, whether in face-to-face, fully online, or blended learning environments.



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