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Undeclared—Pre-Health Option

University of the Sciences has a program especially for students who aspire to a health profession. As a pre-health professional student you will have the opportunity both to learn about and to prepare for careers in such fields as medical laboratory science, occupational therapy, pharmacy and physical therapy.

During your two years in the program, you may apply to a USciences program to earn a professional degree such as a BS in medical technology, the doctor of occupational therapy, the doctor of pharmacy or the doctor of physical therapy, or you may apply to a bachelor of science program in order to complete that before entering a professional program

Benefits of the Program

Students electing this program enjoy benefits not afforded to external students seeking admission into our professional programs.

  • As a University of Sciences student, you will be given priority consideration for admission into the professional program of your choice
  • You can be confident that the academic rigor of your pre-health curriculum is consistent with the entry requirements of your chosen professional program
  • By following the appropriate curriculum requirements from the start, you may be admitted into one of University of Sciences’ professional programs without loss of credit
  • You will enjoy the benefit of a strong, science-based curriculum, established to provide the foundation necessary for success in our health professional programs and in our bachelor of science programs
  • You will work with advisors and faculty who will help you to plan for your future and to prepare for the professional school admission process

Admission to Professional Programs

By the spring of your second year, you may apply for admission into the professional program of your choice. The application process will require submission of several documents and an interview. In order to be considered for one of University of the Sciences’ professional programs, you must meet the program’s admission requirements including minimum grade point average and prerequisite courses.

Acceptance into a professional program is not guaranteed. It is contingent upon availability of space, completion of course requirements, and academic success, as well your communication skills, knowledge, and motivation for the chosen profession.


As a first-year student you’ll take coursework that provides a basis for entering most of the University’s professional programs. The curriculum below is the usual one for pre-health option students, but it can be changed to meet your own goals and interests.

First Year

General Biology I, II
General Chemistry I, II
General Chemistry Laboratory I, II
Introduction to Health and Medical Professions
Mathematical Analysis I, II
Misher Studies Orientation
Physical Education I, II
Writing and Rhetoric I, II

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