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Undeclared Program
(Misher Pre-Professional Studies)

The start you need to succeed

It’s not unusual to enter college unsure of your career path. Even if you don’t declare your major for a year or two, University of the Sciences’ unique curriculum—steeped in healthcare and science education and marked by hands-on, technological preparation—readies you for whatever may come next. As a Misher Pre-Professional Studies student, you will take coursework that provides a strong basis for entering any of the University’s majors. You’ll also take an orientation course that introduces you to your future options at USciences and work with an advisor to help you choose your major, which usually occurs in the spring of your freshman year.

Options to steer you on your way

Many students enter college knowing their ultimate goal, but are not sure of the path to take to achieve that goal. At University of the Sciences, we have created special paths for some career goals. Depending on your ultimate career goal, may will choose one of the following options:

  • Forensic Science option: for students interested in a career as a forensic scientist
  • Pre-health option: for students interested in a career in a health science field such as medical laboratory science, occupational therapy, pharmacy or physical therapy
  • Pre-medical option: for students interested in a career as a physician, dentist, optometrist, podiatrist or veterinarian

Why University of the Sciences should be your first choice

  • You can remain as an undeclared student for up to two years, while studying subjects across the breadth and depth of the school’s offerings, from the sciences to the behavioral and social sciences to the humanities.
  • Your adviser works with you one-on-one to guide you toward an appropriate major based on your talents and interests.
  • As a first- or second-year student, you’ll take coursework that prepares you for the hands-on, technology-based curriculum that your major will provide.
  • The classes you take will expose you to a variety of science- and healthcare-related fields in which University of the Science graduates are in high demand.
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