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Dual Degree Program (DVM) with St. George’s University School of Veterinary Medicine

University of the Sciences has a cooperative agreement with St. George’s University School of Veterinary Medicine (SGU-SVM) that helps you make a direct entry to veterinary school. SGU-SVM is fully accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association Council on Education. The accelerated 7-Year BS in Biology/DVM Degree Program provides an opportunity for selected students to complete both the bachelor of science (BS) in biology and doctor of veterinary medicine in seven years.

As a successful candidate, you will enter SGU-SVM following your third year at USciences. Our special arrangement with SGU-SVM guarantees seats each year for qualified USciences graduates. As a student in this program, you will complete three years at USciences as a Biology major and veterinary school at SGU-SVM and its affiliated U.S. clinical sites, earning both BS and DVM degrees. Students in other majors may also opt to complete four years at USciences before attending SGU-SVM under the same agreement.

Eligibility Requirements

Current USciences Students:

If you are currently enrolled at USciences, you are eligible to apply for consideration before the beginning of your second year (U2). You qualify for application to this program if you meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Minimum 1200 SAT score (combined critical reading and mathematics) or 25 ACT (composite)
  • Overall USciences GPA of 3.2 upon completion of the first undergraduate year (U1), and an overall and basic science GPA of 3.4 upon completion of the second undergraduate year (U2) at USciences.
High School Applicants:

If you are a highly motivated student in your final year of high school, you are eligible to apply to this program provided you meet the following entrance criteria:

  • Minimum 1200 SAT score (combined critical reading and mathematics) or 25 ACT (composite)
  • Minimum high school grade point average of 3.40 (4.0 scale)
  • Class rank in the top 25% of your graduating class
  • Other evidence of scholarly and professional potential and of the desire to become a primary care provider

Program Requirements

Prior to acceptance:
  • Meet all eligibility requirements as stated above
  • Be interviewed by the pre-medical professions team
While matriculated at USciences:

While enrolled in the program at USciences, you are required to maintain specific GPA and other performance standards.

More Information

Admission Questions

Please contact our Admission office at 215-596-8810 or admit@usciences.edu with any admission related questions.

Program Information

For questions about the program, please contact:

Laura A. Mangano, MEd
Associate Director of Pre-Health Professions Advising
Misher College of Arts and Sciences


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