Psychology Major: Earn an Undergraduate Psychology Degree

Psychology is the study of how people think, act, react and interact. Psychology is concerned with all aspects of behavior, thought, feeling and motivation. Grounded in the conviction that mind, emotions and behavior must be studied using statistical and scientific methods, psychology is a respected and socially useful discipline.

As a psychology student, you will investigate topics such as the biological bases of behavior, links between physical health and mental well-being, the efficacy of psychological interventions, theories of cognitive function and intelligence, symptoms, and the effects of psychoactive drugs.

The psychology major combines traditional classroom learning about scientific and statistical approaches with research experience, so that you can apply what you are learning well before graduation. Because of our smaller student population, we offer many opportunities to do primary investigative research early in your undergraduate program, research that leads to publications and presentations at local and national meetings. Faculty will encourage these efforts and work closely with you on your projects.

Why University of the Sciences Should Be Your First Choice

  • Our emphasis on strong quantitative training is excellent preparation for careers in psychology.
  • The program provides learning opportunities that allow you to link your education to other programs, including biology, chemistry and pharmaceutical and healthcare business.
  • The curriculum includes psychology advanced electives, specialty courses in a psychology or related sub disciplines allowing you to customize your education.
  • The program’s requirements in oral and written communication provide critical skills for the next phases in your academic and professional careers.
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