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Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Business

Mayes College of Healthcare Business and Policy's BS in pharmaceutical and healthcare business program (formerly known as pharmaceutical marketing and management) prepares you for a diverse array of careers in healthcare. Thanks to combined coursework in science, business and the healthcare industry, you will learn to understand and appreciate the scientific, professional, economic and practice-related factors that shape and influence health care.

Building a Portfolio for Future Success

Because the program’s curriculum emphasizes the use of technology and new media, you learn the tools used in today’s business environment—and how to adapt to those that will be used in tomorrow’s. Student consulting projects and comprehensive internships—with medical communications companies, market research firms, healthcare nonprofits, and some of the world's best-known pharmaceutical enterprises—put you into actual workplaces, where you engage with professionals, make decisions, provide guidance, and gain the kind of experience employers value above all others. By the time you graduate, you’re prepared not merely to land a job but also to contribute in significant ways from your first day.

Why University of the Sciences Should Be Your First Choice

  • The program is unique in the country, with its combination of science and business, its focus on the healthcare sector (1/6th of the US economy), and its placement within a science based university.
  • The blended balance of science and business makes you more valuable to an employer and puts you on a faster track to advancement.
  • Emphasis on relevant curriculum and skill development.  Learn the fundamentals of business; finance, accounting and management applicable to all fields and emphasize leadership, team dynamics and entrepreneurship.
  • All faculty members bring to their instruction industry experience and a deeply rooted commitment to student support and mentorship. Our program student:faculty ratio is 6:1.
  • You learn by doing, using classroom instruction, interactive simulations, case studies, guest speakers and projects to help master the information you will need to be successful.
  • The program is known for its close-knit, family feel, with strong student satisfaction and students mutually supporting one another and receiving hands-on assistance from faculty when necessary.
  • The University is connected into the health care and pharmaceutical industry through alumni, professional association activities and business partners. This provides our students with opportunities to engage in meaningful internships and seminars, and make connections with professionals in the field.
  • The University is within a few hours’ drive of the U.S. corporate headquarters of more than 90 of the largest firms in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, including Merck & Company, Inc., McNeil Consumer Healthcare, and GlaxoSmithKline.
  • You can also pursue the MBA degree at University of the Sciences. This will give you a huge advantage when you start your career. The advanced training and experience you receive will help you stand out over other new sales and marketing employees and help your advancement potential.

Learning Outcomes

In the B.S. in Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Business program, > 60% of the undergraduate students achieved good to excellent performance. This was measured by the faculty and external reviewers using the nationally recognized AACU VALUE rubrics for written and oral communication, critical thinking and teamwork for academic years 2012-2013 and 2013-2014

Graduation and Retention

For the 2008-2009 entering undergraduate Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Business (PHB) students their graduation rate was 70% with a retention rate of 73%. This data is posted in a time frame consistent with the 1990 Student Right to Know Act which requires post-secondary institutions to report the percentage of students that complete their program within 150% of the normal completion time. This is 6 years (May 2014) for our undergraduate PHB BS students in the 2008-2009 cohort. Retention rate refers to the total of graduated students and active students.

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